CMI General Contractors recognizes that building a new facility for your business can be an intimidating process. We also realize that your expertise lies in running your business, not in the construction business. CMI’s goal is to create a partnership with its clients that allow our construction expertise to interact with your business expertise. The result is a practical, efficient and cost effective project that meets the client’s overall objectives.

CMI has the capability of assisting you with your construction project from site selection through final completion. You decide what role CMI will undertake, and then our experienced staff will break the project down into several logical steps and begin work. The client is consulted on every step of the process and given timely updates. Our goal is to provide your business with a seamless process to design/build your business in a timely and budget effective manner.


The benefits of direct communication between the owner, architect and contractor throughout the design process assures you of getting a project that meets your needs, budget and schedule. CMI employs one full time staff architect to help create a design that is not only functional but is also within your budget. Our architect is particularly skilled at developing your thoughts and ideas into a practical, working design that will ultimately provide you with the plans required to construct your new building. Or, if you prefer, they can modify an existing design to fit your specific requirements. With over 300 Years of in-house construction experience, CMI can provide invaluable advice during the design process.




There are well over a dozen different applications and permits which are needed for a typical commercial construction project. With over 40 years of experience, CMI can guide your project quickly and easily through this process, eliminating many headaches and problems many businesses face when trying to begin and finish a construction process. CMI enjoys a good working relationship with subcontractors from every trade throughout Southern Maryland. CMI will prepare a bidders list of subcontractors that are best suited for your specific project.

We then review this list with you to determine the subcontractors that best fit your needs. Bid packages are then prepared and sent to the subcontractors. Once subcontractor bids are received, a meeting is scheduled with you to review the itemized bids. This open-book policy allows you to see exactly what you are paying for and exactly what you will get. Before we begin your project, we agree on an exact fixed price for the entire project, leaving you confident your project will be done right, and on budget.